Lohnberg/DURON Information Page

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UPDATE September 2019 – For all chalkware figurines, they can be found categorised as Löhnberg on this site.

Early Life

Max, the father of Herbert, helped during World War II to hide people from the Nazis (see this note from Esty Lohnberg). The Free BDM site states he was born around 1880 (died in 1958 at the age of 78). Max was naturalised from Germany under Certificate AZ30898 issued 22 August 1947.

The FreeBDM site makes me believe that Herbert Hermann Louis (H.L.) married at Hampstead in London in March 1940 to a Ms Fellows. Michael J Lohnberg was then born in December 1940 with Carole born in September 1943. It then looks like Herbert H.L. re-married to a Ms. Bedbrook in Surrey in September 1946.

Herbert was naturalised from Germany under Certificate AZ19276 issued 3 September 1946. Home office records state that Herbert was resident in Sunnymeads, near Wraysbury, Buckinghamshire and his wife’s name was Dorothy Elizabeth.

Pre-DURON work

The earliest DURON chalkware figurine I have found is 883679 and is here. Prior to DURON, Herbert produced some pieces such as ashtrays, eggcups and trinket holders.

During this time the registered address was 2, Ronalds Road, Holloway Road, London N5.

Herbert used a service address c/o Stanley, Popplewell, Francis & Ross, 19, Buckingham Street, Strand, London W.C.2

DURON era (August 1957 – June 1960)

The DURON “brand” was created by Max Löhnberg and Herbert Hermann Louis Löhnberg. The registered designers of the infamous DURON “Made in England” figurine chalkware were originally registered at 2, Ronalds Road, Holloway Road, London N5 and noted as “both British subjects”.

Max and Herbert always used a service address c/o A.W.M. Faulkner & Co., 14, Oursitor Street, Chancery Lane, London, E.C.4 while they worked together. Note: this is the same service address that Egisto Carli used

What is curious with DURON chalkware figurines is the long gap between design and approval. Most other designers only had a few months in between. Wonder why? See here:

  • Reg No 885735-885751. Date Applied 22/8/1957, Date Registered 5/2/1959
  • Reg No 891986-891994. Date Applied 27/1/1959, Date Registered 24/6/1960

Ancestry.co.uk states that the Electoral Register has Max listed between 1950 and 1957, but then Max died in September 1958 at the age of 78. Click here for the BDM site record. A number of pieces were submitted in January 1959.

I have a list of the pieces by internal product number here, if you are interested.

DURON Advertising

[Nov 2021] – After many years of hunting, I finally found one shop that advertised DURON and Lohnberg products! See the advertisements below.

Herbert Herman Louis Löhnberg

It is difficult (so far) to determine when Herbert took over on his own. The first time I have seen a different registration is during the period January 1959 and June 1960 which corresponds with the time that Reg No.s 891987 to 891998 were applied for and approved. After June 1960, one egg cup was registered by Herbert and then nothing for 4 years! Then in May 1964, three ornaments were registered. So it still remains to be seen whether there are any other pieces yet to find!

At this time the registered address changed to 258-260 Sussex Way, London N19 and the service address to c/o Sanderson & Co., 11-13 Bream’s Buildings, London E.C.4. More information is available on Sanderson and is here.

Herbert is listed until 1965 on the Electoral Roll as living in London, but it is possible he stayed longer.

The son of Herbert, named Michael, then moved to the United States in 1968, where the family still lives in southern California. I was able to make some contact with the remaining Lohnberg family.