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[March 2021 Information] – There is also a growing collection of restored Nieri by Matt Rundle that you can find here: @lagunaladylamps on Instagram.

Diomede Nieri, an Italian citizen, trading as D. N. Art Products. They has a Registered Address at 26 and 28 Trafford Street, Hulme, Manchester 15, Lancashire in the UK.

Later in life, it looks like Nicolao Nieri also got involved in the business (see the newspaper article below)

They had a Service Address listed as c/o Wilson, Gunn & Ellis, 57 Market Street, Manchester 1. Wilson Gunn has been a leading practice in Patents etc since 1864. Find out more on their history here

This was also used by at least Marcella Jackson, a british subject, and Renato Migliorini, Daniele Magi, and Vasco Licci, Italian Citizens, all trading as M. Jackson & Co. Not many pieces have been found by Marcelle Jackson (so far)

Not confirmed, but could this be a record of his death? Ancestry.Com

[Nov 2021] – And it would appear that in 1955, Nicolao Nieri was fined £200 (equivalent to about £5500 in 2021 numbers – see here)