Lady Lamp by ??? – Prod 896009

And I put question marks as 896009 in the National Archives is this piece, Lady figurine by Nieri – Reg 896009 … More

Fish Lamp by Continental?

Found on eBay and described as “Vintage 1953 Chalkware Aquarium Themed Tanle Lamp. Rare Vintage 1953 Chalkware Aquarium Themed Tanle Lamp”

Chalkware figurine of a male seated on his legs

Kneeling man by Unknown

Thanks to Pam McGowen for sending me an image of a kneeling man that looks remarkably like the Kneeling Lady. … More

Kneeling drummer in black chalkware with white drum between legs

Drummer by MCMG -No.44

This is a Mid Century Modern (MCM) chalkware figurine made in the United States. Given the internal product number 44, … More

Black chalkware figurine

Lady bust – ‘P14031’

I don’t have any other information on this piece, but if you have this, does it have any other markings?