Barsony Information Page

Not much information of Barsony Ceramics. They were an Australian ceramics company registered by George and Jean Barsony. They produced works in the 1950s and 1960s.

Kittys Vintage & Kitch site has some excellent insight into the Barsony brand.

There is often confusion between Duron, Nieri, Paoli and Barsony lamps. I found this website, Carter’s Publications, in Australia that has some great details on Barsony that you may be interested in, particularly the following;

“Most Barsony products were marked, although there are some that have no markings. As well there are copies of Barsony products that are unmarked, and a range of similar items were made by Kalmar. Genuine Barsony can be identified by the numbering system on the base of the item: ‘H’ indicated head, ‘V’ indicated vase’, and ‘L’ indicated ‘lamp’. Thus ‘FL’ indicated a figural lamp and ‘HL’ indicated a head lamp. These letters are followed by the model or mould number. Many of the lamps and figures are named models, such as ‘Drumbeat of Trinidad’ (FL-41), ‘Beauty of the Beach’ (F-19) and ‘Sitting Black Lady’ (FL39). Kalmar items had a similar marking system and it is often difficult to distinguish between the two manufacturers.”