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Alfredo Paoli (b. 27 May 1905 in Calavorno, Italy) and Giovanni Paoli (b. 6 March 1900 also in Calavorno, Italy), both British subjects, traded as Paoli Bros and produced some excellent chalkware pieces.

Certificates of Naturalisation were granted on 19 January 1956, Giovanni (R1/14516) and Alfred (R1/14517).

The business was registered at 125-127 East Road, London N1.

For their piece Reg. No. 900004, their two sons/relatives(?), Gianpaolo and Giancarlo, both as Italian subjects, joined the design team.

Giancarlo Paoli married in June 1961, to a Ms. Teresa Salina in Holborn, London. They gave birth to Stefania in September 1963, registered in the district of Islington in London.

And Gianpaolo Paoli married in June 1965 in St. Pancras, London to a Ms. Coloquori.

From the free Births, Deaths and Marriages site, I can see that Giovanni died in June 1969 in the District of Marylebone, London.