Kneeling Lady – Reg 891993 / 6090

Black chalkware figurine

[September 2021] – Many thanks to Barrie Freeman for getting in touch and sending me some images of this piece in brown finish, not the usual lacquered black!

This has a very similar style to the Duron kneeling lady that Löhnberg had started design in August 1957, but was only finally certified in February 1959. This piece was started in January 1959.

Aug 2017. I found the original design images at the National Archives. Note that this model should have her right arm raised.

Note that the original design did not have the grass skirt. However there are several other models that did on the original design, so I am sure the final piece was sold with the skirt. As per other pieces of this era, the service address was Sanderson & Co

891993 Reg







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