Duron Lady Reg 885748 / 6026

Black chalkware figurine

Lady sitting down on feet with legs apart. Large bangle on both forearms with grass skirt. Head a little to her LEFT arm

African figurine made from chalkware and painted black. Note: this has also been seen painted gold (clearly not original). 29.08.17 – found an auction on eBay.ie that confirms product number 6026 was used.

Registered 5th February 1959 by Max Löhnberg and Herbert Hermann Louis Löhnberg. Manufactured in London and with a DURON Made in England underneath.

Note: Registration form showing 885749 (as 885748 was fuzzy) but dates and registrar are the same

Update: October 2017. Found a modified version with lamp attached (see below)

885748 lamp
885748 Reg image
885749 Reg


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