Lady by Paoli – Reg 891801

Lady lamp statue

This is another great example of work by Paoli and has been seen a couple of times for sale on the web.

Do you have this piece? I would love to know how it was finally painted or lacquered before sale.

May 2018 – Many thanks to Peter Reece for getting in touch and sending some wonderful pictures of this piece.

If you want to know more about Paoli, see the About page

891801 Reg891801 Reg image891801 Reg image



  1. Hi, i have this as a lamp and have been trying to find out info on it so your site is so interesting, please drop me an email and i will reply with photos. regards Pete


    1. Hi Peter, My email address is Thanks for getting in touch. I haven’t been to the National Archive again for a while, but if you have any other pieces that look similar do send pictures of those as well and I’ll keep searching. Kind regards, Simon


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