Wall plaques by Duron – Reg 891997

Black chalkware wall plaques

[September 2021] – Maybe these pieces are also Durons? They have numbers 6100, 6102 and 6103 written on them


16/9/2019 – UPDATE. It would appear that Product No. 6100 also belongs to the Trio of wall plaques!

Unfortunately the registration application for these lovely wall plaques was withdrawn but looking at the British Trade registration paperwork, we know that these probably were applied for on 27th January 1958 and approved 24th June 1960. They also have the design of other Duron’s.

If you want to know more about the Duron designer, Löhnberg, then please see the About page.

Because the paperwork was withdrawn, I don’t have an original design image. Do you have these pieces? I would welcome some feedback on whether the white markings are the same.

891997 Reg


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