Lady by Paoli – Reg 896063 / 59

Kneeling lady with bowl figurine made of chalkware with flowers in her hair and gold embossed necklace

[Update Jan 2021] – Many thanks to Pam McGowan for providing a new image of this piece. She goes on to also say that all her pieces were bought by her parents in the 1950s/60s. Just don’t know which store!

Update Aug 2017 – The original design image is for just a mantel ornament and no light fitting. I can also confirm that this piece is by Paoli

This piece appears to be available in two formats. I have this piece without the electrical fitting, just the lady with the bowl, as per the original design, but Worthpoints has shown auctions with the lamp fitting attached.

The piece also has a product code ’59.’ inscribed.

Thanks to Pam McGowan for sharing this image with me. This piece is in very good condition!


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