Lady bust by Duron – Reg 887410 / 6042

Here is a small mystery, even though we have two of these in our collection. A registration certificate was not issued as the application was abandoned. There is even the ‘DURON Made in England’ sticker on the black felt base, so did the designers, Löhnberg, just sell them anyway?

What is also great, is that it was produced in black and brown, so we have 2 in the collection

The original application was made between 17th and 24th January 1958, looking at the applications before and after this one

887410887410-21.jpg8874102.jpg887410 Reg




  1. Very interesting. I have one that belonged to my parents. In black 6042 Reg No 887410. I found your site during the research for the value of the one I have.Looks like the did continue to make them or had already some made and just sold the remaining stock, Regards Clive


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