Poodle by Duron – Reg 885744 / 6039?

Black chalkware figurine of a poodle

This is the 7th piece in an 8-piece collection of animal figurines registered under the DURON brand by Löhnberg. The registration date for the certificate was 5th February 1959. I have not seen a colour image of this piece, so I am assuming the markings are in white, as per the other animals in this collection. If you have this piece, please let me know.

On the example in the design submission, there is no ‘DURON Made in England’. Given the other pieces that Lohnberg was designing in this range, it is probably internal product number 6039.

For more information on Löhnberg, see the About page

885744 Reg image885744-reg-image.jpg885744-reg.jpg


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