Duron wall plaque Reg 885754 / 6023

Black chalkware wall plaque

This is the third Duron where the object is in the public domain, but the original registration application was abandoned.

It was clearly marked on the base of the neck with the numbering. Looking closely at the lettering/numbering on the base and the fact that this registration number is in a sequential series of numbers, it must be by Lohnberg (see my entry on details regarding Lohnberg). And hey, it has DURON-style written all over it!!

If you have this wall plaque, I’d be interested to know if the DURON sticker is on the back. Let me know!




  1. Duron wall plaque Reg 885754 / 6023 Just to let you I have a pair of these and they both have the DURON stickers on the back

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