Pair of lady busts Reg 887413 / B.L. 14

Black chalkware figurines

The boy with the white scarf was the first piece that my wife ever found.

Here is a great example of two busts that could easily be mistaken as DURONs. However the records show that these were registered by Alfredo and Giovanni Paoli and not Löhnberg.

Although the original submission was unpainted, you can see that the figurines were sold as black painted, with the scarf painted a different colour. This example is red, but I have seen both yellow and white. There is also the initial ‘nR’ on back.

We now have 2 pairs (so 4 pieces in total) in our collection

Note: the registration book was bookmarked for this entry. Was it you doing some research? Would love to know if you were looking for DURONs and whether you have any more information you would be willing to share. Do get in touch!

887413 Reg887413887413.3887413.28874131.jpg

887413 Reg image887413 Reg image

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