Duron Lady figurine Reg 885750 / 6028

Black chalkware figurine

[Update 16/9/19] – Sometimes the Reg No doesn’t come out well. Check out this Worthpoint.com entry. Still, a bit of digging and it is still this piece, just with a lamp added – not the original idea, but at least it keep the figurine alive!

We now have 2 of these pieces in our collection, in black and brown.


A rare example of a figurine where the manufacturer put the wrong Reg and product code on the finished product. The registered design at the National Archives in Kew clearly shows the left hand on the thigh and the right hand behind the head. However on the left calf muscle the example I have clearly shows Reg no 885751 and product code 6029.

The finished example also had a grass skirt added, something that is found on several kneeling lady examples.

Do you have this figurine and what numbers do you have? Let me know.

885750 Reg image885750-3correct.jpg885750-2correct.jpg885750correct.jpg




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