Duron Boy bookend Reg 885735 / 6030

Two Duron bookends of babies

[September 2021] My wife managed to pick up her own pair of bookends. And they’ve just arrived 🙂


[28/3/2019] Many thanks to Nadine for getting in touch and providing some great images of these boy bookends. 🙂


I now know that these were sold as a pair, each facing a different way.

This is one of the early Duron pieces I have found registered with British Trade. What is a mystery is why it took from August 1957 until February 1959 for the registration to be awarded. I was not able to see any other potential designs challenging it and nothing on the British Trade forms to suggest anything.

885735 Reg image




  1. Hi
    We have these book ends and was wondering what their value is? Do you know anyone who would like to purchase them?


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