Chalkware of a lady with polka dot dress

Girl by Lohnberg – Reg 876388 / 4602

This piece was registered by Lohnberg on March 3, 1955. What is interesting about this piece is that it has … More

Kneeling drummer in black chalkware with white drum between legs

Drummer by MCMG -No.44

This is a Mid Century Modern (MCM) chalkware figurine made in the United States. Given the internal product number 44, … More

Black chalkware poodle with gold necklace

Mystery Poodle – Unknown

Is this a Bacci or Romei style? Maybe it’s something else entirely?! Here’s another in lamp format, click here [September … More

Seated drummer with tall drum between legs

Drummer boy by Pagliai

Leo Pagliai has done a number of top quality chalkware figurines as well as other statues in bronze. If you … More