Lady lamp by Nieri – Reg 893600

Lady lamp figurine with brown cylindrical lampshade

UPDATE 23.07.2019 – A big thanks to Emily Dupen ( who got in touch and provided some additional photos from a piece she managed to buy.

This one had me fooled as a piece by Paoli. Luckily I found the original design image registered with British Trade at the National Archives in Kew Gardens, London.

It’s also not immediately apparent that it is a lamp as the original images don’t clearly show the bulb holder. As you can see from the colour image, it was….

For more information on Nieri, click here





  1. Hi there, I was very happy to find this post! I had been wondering about this piece since I bought it. If you have any further information I’d be fascinated to find out more. It would also be great to get clarification on whether Nieri is part of DURON or if they are completely separate entities? Or indeed if you have any idea of the value of the piece? I’m not looking to sell, just curious 🙂


    1. Hi,

      I’m sorry I didn’t receive you post earlier. I can confirm that Nieri is not part of DURON. They traded around the same time, doing similar chalkware , and that is where the confusion can arise. All the information I have found is on the site. It just takes me time to compile it all, and now my visits to the National Archives are few and far between. Kind regards Simon


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