Lady Lamp by Nieri – Reg 906386

Restored lady bust chalkware lamp with red floral patterned lampshade

Update November 2020: Many thanks to Matt Rundle from the UK for finding the site and then getting in touch about his amazing restoration. I’ve put his images below so you can see how good a job he’s done on this piece.

This is the third lady lamp by Nieri in a series of four. This one was registered on 27th August 1962. Do you have this piece? I would love to know how it was decorated before being sold to the public. Do get in touch.

906386 unrestored

906386 unrestored2

906386 unrestored3

906386 restore3

906386 restore4

906386 restore1

906386 restored

906386 restore2

Reg 906386 is the piece on the left

906386 restored2

906386 restored3



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