Musicians by Paoli – Reg 887094 / B.L.3

A small amount of ‘joining up’ with these two pieces. The black and white registration design was submitted by Paoli on 1st January 1958 and the certificate was awarded on 14th March 1958. The original design was listed as ‘combined mantel ornament and lamp standard’.

The colour image of the same artists with the red background were found on a website auction, clearly here the electrical lamp piece is missing! What is written on this piece is ‘B.L.3’ which is a similar product number that Paoli has used on other pieces, so I am therefore concluding that either they dropped the lamp part before selling the articles, or there is another registered design by Paoli that I have not yet found. It also has the words ‘G. RUGGERI’ on back. Was this one of the designers that worked for Paoli?

[September 2021] Found the original with lamp attachment !


RUGGERI B.L.3887094.jpg887094 Reg image




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