Lady bust by Duron – Reg 885747 / 6015

African head bust in chalkware on white base

This is another example of Duron pieces that were registered on 5th February 1959 by Löhnberg. More information can be found about Max and Hermann on the About page.

The piece was originally registered as all in black, but as you can see from the example in our collection, the final piece was painted white at the base and the necklace /earrings in gold. Maybe you have another example of different painting? The bottom of the piece also has the ‘DURON Made in England’ sticker on a black felt base.

The Bossons.Info website incorrectly lists this piece with a registration number of 385747. An easy mistake as some impressions of the work do not come out clearly, especially if they have been painted over a few times.

885747 Reg image

885747885747-reg.jpg885747.2 Reg image


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