Marks & Clerk Information Page

In the National Archives information I was able to find their service address: Marks & Clerk, 57/8, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London W.C.2.

This is an agents’ service address that was used by several designers on this website. According to A Walk In History, “….the buildings had become the offices of Marks & Clerk, the Chartered Patent Agents, who acquired 57-58 in 1908 and 59-60 in 1918. They remained here until the transfer to Garden Court Chambers in December 2004”.

Below is a non-exhaustive list;

Bacci & Bacci Limited, a british company, based at 73, Camp Street, Salford, 7, Lancashire.

Jacopo Girolami, italian citizen and Brunero Barsetti, canadian citizen, based at 45, Upton Street, Ardwick, Manchester, 13

Cyril Robert Adam Owen, who was based in Terrace Chambers, Torquay in Devon

Jose Goula Rota, a spanish citizen based in Barcelona, Spain

….. I am certain there will be more!