Busts by Paoli – Reg 887414 / B.L. 16

Raw chalkware figurines

Another good example from Alfredo and Giovanni Paoli which was registered on 17th April 1958 as ‘a pair of mantel ornaments’. It is a male and female couple, but I have only ever seen the female/

The original registered image was still in white chalk, but like many others, this was painted or lacquered in black before sale.

Do you have an example of the male bust? I would appreciate a photo for this site.

887414 Reg

887414 Reg image887414-reg-image.jpg




  1. Hi! I saw your post when I was searching my statue according to the number on its back, and I realised that I have the male version. I am unable to add a picture as this doesn’t allow me to. Let me know please if you’d like to see it! I am not sure what it’s worth is, as I’ve had it for a while. Thanks!


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