Lady bust by Duron – Reg 885746 / 6014

African style head made of chalkware

[September 2021] The item came up for auction on eBay, hence the colour images.

A great example of a Duron lady bust, often described as an african lady made of chalkware. The original registered design from 5th February 1959 is all black, but the final pieces may have the hair braiding and the necklace painted white.

I have include below an image taken from the Worthpoint website. It incorrectly lists a wall plaque having these registration and product numbers. Maybe it was stamped in error?? It does, however, give an idea of how it could be painted.


885746 Reg image885746.2 Reg image885746-reg.jpg

Incorrect registration number


    1. Hi Tim, thanks for getting in touch. I do wonder if the painting of the pieces is original or more recent. I have some pieces where it isn’t clear. Regards, Simon


  1. Hi i have just inherited a duron chalk piece and it has 6014 reg no 885746 printed on it am interested to find out more about her. She lioks similar to your pictures but not exactly the same.


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