Lady bust by Duron – Reg 883681 / 6003

Lady bust figurine with white head scarf and necklace

[Update 9/9/2019] – Terry got in touch to inform me that this piece was also made as a lamp (see pictures at the bottom of this post). Although the headscarf has been re-painted, it is a great looking piece and still has the original power cord and switch. Thanks Terry!

This is a lady looking to the right with a headscarf and shawl draped over her left shoulder that then flows across her right breast. On the version I have, there are added hoop earrings, unlike the image shown here. It also has a necklace added in a gold braid.

On the back it clearly shows registration number and product code. There is also the expected ‘DURON Made in England’ sticker on the base.

However, in the British Trade records at the National Archives in Kew Gardens, London, it states that the design application was abandoned.


Also available in lamp format (thanks Terry for the images). It looks like they also did not use the green felt on the base.



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